What is Pathfinder and how is it different from any other traditional education centre?
Pathfinder is a central hub that provides you with an opportunity to explore, experience, and expand your horizons on the vast career opportunities that are available out there.
We provide you the best of both a curriculum-based education and experiential learning
We also help you to determine which career path and university course is right for you.
Why did you create Pathfinder?
Pathfinder was established to bridge the gap between a traditional class and a career so that our students will have a better idea of what they want to pursue before paying a hefty price for their tertiary education.
Who are you looking for?
We are looking for individuals who want to learn more about the different careers available and who want to make a difference in the world.
Why should I be part of Pathfinder?
Pathfinder provides a platform that helps to bridge the gap between you and your potential career paths. Pathfinder exposes you to different career paths through experiential learning by hiring top professionals to walk you through their career life and success stories as well as share with you the necessary skills and tools that are used in their industry.
Is there an age limit for attending Pathfinder?
Any student from secondary school level all the way up to university level or equivalent are encouraged to apply.
The Courses
How do I know which course to study?
Make an appointment with us by calling +6010-2691689 or leave your details with us through the “Contact Us” section at our                        . Pathfinder will provide a one-time free consultation service to help guide you to a suitable programme.
How long does each course last?
The duration is ranging from express courses which last for 7 weeks all the way to full courses which last for 14 weeks. Do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsApp or live chat for a more in-depth overview of the courses available.  
What would I gain from the course?
By joining Pathfinder, you are bound to have a memorable experience in exploring the different careers available. You will also be exposed to professional communication techniques, and given guidance by a professional from the field on the best way to approach your further studies.
Who are your professionals?
We work with dedicated professionals who seek to inspire students to go into various career paths and also expose them to the realities of the possible careers ahead of them. Learn more about our                         here.
Is it possible to join Pathfinder if I am a graduate from a College/University?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us and we would gladly assist you based on your needs.
Is there a grading system for the course? If yes, how will I be graded?
Yes, we do have a grading system. Tutors will grade students based on their project assignments, case studies and the course requisites. Only the top performers from each course will be offered an internship/job shadowing opportunity subject to availability.
Am I able to transfer my position in the course to another student?
If you have a valid reason along with supporting documents to prove it, your place can be transferred to your intended recipient as long as you have not attended any of the classes yet. Terms and conditions applied. Get in touch with us to find out more about our transfer option.
Am I allowed to switch courses mid-way through my current course?
Unfortunately, no. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance we can defer your current enrollment to a later date based on the availability of that course. However, you will need to provide sufficient evidence to show that there is indeed a need for deferment. Changing of courses is strictly prohibited as our lessons are planned ahead and we will need each student to start from the beginning to benefit from the course.
Fees And Promotion
How much does it cost to study at Pathfinder?
Our professional courses range from anywhere between RM2,000 to RM4,000 depending on the selected course. For more details on the fees, schedule a consultation session with us          .
Will I be entitled for a discount in terms of registration fees/etc when I enroll for a college/university programme through Pathfinder?
Yes, as long as you register for any of our partner colleges/universities through us. You will be entitled for our special rates in terms of tuition fees or registration fee waivers subject to our partnership promotions. Terms and conditions applied.
Is there a referral bonus if I get my friends to join?
Yes! You will receive a referral bonus of RM250 if your friends sign up through you. Terms and conditions applied.

Am I entitled for any sort of benefits or discounts if I enroll for more than 1 course?
Pathfinder values students who return to us. If you enroll for more than 1 of our professional courses, you will be entitled to a discount of RM250 on our tuition fees for each additional course that you sign up with us. Terms and conditions applied.
Am I eligible for any promotions?
Pathfinder offers promotions such as early bird registration discounts as well as certain discounts when you enroll with any of our partner universities. Feel free to                     for more details on our special rates and discounts.
Service Programmes
What is the service programmes about?
Our service programmes offer you an alternative perspective on life and helps bring about meaningful experiences that is not provided by every other educational institution.  
Will I be eligible to join your service programmes if I do not join any of the professional courses provided by Pathfinder?
Yes, our service programmes are open to everyone. We welcome anyone that has a heart for giving back to our society.
How much does each service programme cost? What am I paying for?
You may refer to XYZ to find out more about the cost of our service programmes. The fees will cover your flight tickets, accommodation, meals, activities and material costs as well as a fee for our guide. Part of the programme fees will be used to fund items of charity for the organisations we work with.
Internship Programmes
Who are the people running your internship programmes?
Our internship courses will be offered by our educators. This will be geared towards mentorship and guidance. We will also work together with all our interns to see how we can learn from each others’ experiences and support each other.
What can I expect to gain from the internship programmes?
The practical experience that the interns would receive throughout the duration of their internship is invaluable and can hardly be obtained in a classroom setting. The exploration process is an important part of the internships as you would be given a chance to acquaint yourself with the knowledge from your fields of interest. Networking with professionals who are working in your field of interest would also allow you to gain more insight on a particular field, therefore helping you make a better decision in terms of your career path.
How long does each internship programme last?
The duration of our internship programmes are determined by our educators. It should range from anywhere between 2 weeks to 14 weeks. Feel free to contact Pathfinder for more details.
Will I be paid for joining the internship programme?
This is subjected to the company’s arrangement when they are offering the internship programme you.
Partnerships And Community
Who are your partners/affiliates?
Pathfinder is partnering with both locally and internationally recognised education centers to provide you with the most well-rounded and future ready curriculum possible. Besides that, we will also partner with multinational corporations from different fields to provide the top performers in our course with an internship/job shadowing opportunity as well as the latest news on what they look for in fresh graduates.
What are other additional benefits/after sales services that I am entitled to receive outside of the course?
Pathfinder provides students with a community to share their knowledge with as well as a platform for discussions after each course. We also provide a letter of recommendation from our professional educators and guidance on writing your resume. If you are registered with us, you would be entitled to be part of our priority list for any upcoming seminars. You will also receive a special discount when you sign up for any of our future courses or events.
Why should I join your community?
Our community will hook you up with different professionals working in the field to give you a better understanding on what to expect from each field. At the same time, we will also keep you posted on the latest news and updates. These include messages from top MNCs as well as scholarship notifications and advice. Trust me, you will definitely benefit a lot from joining our community.

Why should I subscribe to your newsletters?
Our newsletters provide you with the latest news and updates from Pathfinder. We will keep you posted on the latest scholarship opportunities as well as the latest news on our service programmes and professional courses. We will also share information on what employers are looking for in fresh graduates and post available internship positions.

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