John is a dreamer and an idealist who is on a mission to make an impact on the world. Having co-founded 2 companies in the past and worked in an international school, he created Pathfinder to help guide students to the right careers and university courses. John envisions Pathfinder to be a platform to propel youths to learning experiences and opportunities that he believes will make them better people for themselves and for the communities around them. John considers himself very fortunate to have been awarded 4 scholarships in his education journey to study in prestigious institutions in Singapore, Australia, and the US. He has committed to using his entire profit share from this company to fund education projects and scholarships as a means of giving back. Stay tuned for our scholarships and service programmes!

Chief Executive Officer & Founder


An escape room enthusiast with a passion for solving life's greatest puzzles! Paik Jen is indeed an exceptional talent who completed her tertiary engineering studies as valedictorian under 2 scholarships and in only 1.5 years! Her experience as an engineer is just phenomenal, and her mission to help others find their path in life makes her irreplaceable. With her love for finding solutions, Paik Jen has become a core member of our team that is actively working on designing the best programmes for our community!

Chief Operating Officer 


A coffee lover with mind-boggling Excel skills to go with it! Cecelia has been involved in several world-renowned MNCs and enjoys traveling the world 4 destinations in a year! Her experiences in these companies have taught her a lot about processes as well as the skills that are needed to be successful in the corporate world. Cecelia always wants to do more and believes Pathfinder will  enable others to do the same. She brings in a new dimension to our team along with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Stay tuned for this data analyst's Excel courses as well as her tips and tricks to journey around the world before 30!

Chief Financial Officer


An architect by training and an artist at heart. Despite her young age, Michele has proven to be a talented designer who has a plethora of mural work scattered around Penang. She has designed and created entertainment shop lots and worked as a Merchandise Designer in a Premium Concept Mall. We're all excited to have her on board!

Creative & Content Manager


A first class Honours is not enough for this Business Relationship Manager. While paving his way to an ACCA, Daryl wants to explore the life of a start-up and work with students and educators in the education space. He's joined us for experience to give you an unforgettable experience!

Business Relationship Manager


A designer with a passion for creating his own games in the near future. Leo joined Pathfinder to widen his horizons and eventually work on game design courses with us. He has been a graphic designer in numerous companies but now wants to steer his direction back into gamification and game designs. We are excited for him to gamify our company to improve the experiences of our students!

Design Executive

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